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Analysis & Reports

We provide extensive and contextual analysis and reports regarding all aspects of financial services:
– diagnostic analysis of the regulatroy framework and their impact on local economies
– elaborating the best process digitisation for your bank/institution
– opportunity studies for building new digital solutions
– financial inclusion and education programs and strategies : from initial diagnostic assessment to curricula, from recommendations for public policies to action plans.

We value your business / project and recomend the best strategy for raising external funds

UNCDF (Nigeria)
IDG/USAID (Angola)
OQSF-CI/Aflatoun (Ivory Coast)
Central Bank of Tunisia/ADA
Strategy & Advocacy

We provide support to corporates elaborate the best expansion strategy for a business in Africa, according to the specificities of the business, the value of the corporate and the local context.

We provide assistance with responses to calls for tender.

We help you get better visibility on local identified markets.

We provide local advocacy services.

Cergi (Togo)
Prestige Informatique (Maroc)
Training & Conferences
We help institutions better understand their environment :
– global and local economic context and perstectives
– new forms of money & payments
– digitisation strategy

Central Bank of Nigeria
Central Bank of Morocco
ES Banque
First Finance
One Africa
France Culture
France Télévisions
Revue Banque

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Our Recent Projects

USAID Angola - Dinheiro Digital E Melhor - Activity Director - Sept 2023-July 2025
Leading the Dinheiro Digital É Melhor (DDM) Activity in Angola, a $4.88 million two-year contract under the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation (DDI)’s Technical Assistance Project for Economic Growth (TAP EG) implemented by International Development Group, LLC (IDG) on behalf of USAID/Angola and in partnership with Africell Angola. The DDM Activity’s ultimate objective is to improve financial inclusion of Angolans, particularly the underbanked and unbanked, through two components. First, it aims to provide technical support to Africell and its local partners to help Africell implement its digital payments with the expansion of the users and usage of Afrimoney. Second, DDM aims to promote an enabling environment and support a wider mobile money ecosystem development.
Training in digital financial services
Several training sessions since 2019 in payments, digital financial services, financial education for staff members of the National Bank of Nigeria, Bank Al Maghrib, several french banks and 300 SMEs in Ivory Coast.
Rapporteur of the expert group - Service MSP in Togo - OEACP - Sept. 2023 to May 2024
Rapporteur of the expert group to provide technical assistance to produce operational recommendations to be used by the national authorities for the development of a national fund to support research and innovation in Togo.
Elaborating a range of recommendations for the effective development, operation and management of an FSRI for Togo, in the form of a Policy Recommendation Report (PRR). This step-by-step guide will guide national authorities in setting up the FSRI, mobilizing resources and effectively managing this fund, including its governance, application management mechanism and selection processes.
National Financial Education Program for OQSF Côte d'Ivoire - Via Aflatoun - S2 2022
Developing a financial education program on behalf of the Observatory for the Quality of financial services (OQSF) of Ivory Coast.
- Detailing the methodological offer.
- Holding interviews with stakeholders and targets and establish their financial education needs.
- Establishing an inventory of existing financial education courses/modules and identify themes for the different targets.
- Organizing the validation meeting of the methodological note with the OQSF-CI.
- Identifying appropriate communication and dissemination strategies, media and channels, including e-learning.
- Establishing a diagnostic report of the communication context specific to Côte d'Ivoire.
- Establishing the communication plan for the Financial Education Program.

May to December 2022

Project funded by the World Bank
Study on cross-border payments between Nigeria, Niger and Tchad - Sept. 2022 to Jan. 2023 - UNCDF
We have carried out a study aiming at proposing concrete solutions to facilitate cross-border money transfers, so that livestock traders from Niger and Tchad selling in Nigeria can recover the fruits of their livestock sales quickly and cheaply.
- Establishing the flow situation on the target corridors (in terms of volumes and values, and by type of animal), remittance practices and the level of financial and digital skills, as well as their marketing strategies, remittance practices and the level of financial and digital skills.
- Drawing up a typology of livestock traders and their marketing strategies, listing formal and informal remittance solutions and analyze their relevance.
- Analyzing the regulatory environment and propose solutions to overcome constraints, the digital environment and propose appropriate technical solutions.
- Proposing an economic model integrating technical and regulatory solutions, as well as a list of potential operators with guidance on their capacities.

Mission of two weeks in the field inAbuja, Sokoto and Katsina.
September 2022 - January 2023

"Thanks for your work"
David Larue, Financial Inclusion consultant Guinea and Regional office // Inclusive Digital Economies - IDE // West and Central Africa // United Nations Capital Development Fund
National Financial Education Program for Tunisia - Through ADA - S1 2022
We contributed to developing the National Financial Education Program of Tunisia as logded by the Central Bank:
- Updating of the guidelines document for the national financial education program developed under the MicroMED program.
- Drafting of a National Financial Education Program covering the entire population.

With a mission of two weeks to meet with all the stakeholders involved in financial services and financial education in Tunis.
February to June 2022


Interviews and Conferences