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Strategy and Advocacy
We provide you support to elaborate the best expansion strategy for your business in Africa, according to the specificities of your business, your values and the local context.

We provide assistance with responses to calls for tender.

We help you get better visibility on local identified markets.

We provide local advocacy services.

Cergi (Togo)
Prestige Informatique (Maroc)
Analysis & Reports
We provide extensive and contextual analysis and reports regarding all aspects of financial services:
– diagnostic analysis of the regulatroy framework and their impact on local economies
– elaborating the best process digitisation for your bank/institution
– opportunity studies for building new digital solutions
– financial inclusion and education programs and strategies : from initial diagnostic assessment to curricula, from recommendations for public policies to action plans.

We value your business / project and recomend the best strategy for raising external funds

UNCDF (Nigeria)
IDG/USAID (Angola)
OQSF-CI/Aflatoun (Ivory Coast)
Central Bank of Tunisia/ADA
Training & Conferences
We help institutions better understand their environment :
– global and local economic context and perstectives
– new forms of money & payments
– digitisation strategy

Central Bank of Nigeria
Central Bank of Morocco
ES Banque
First Finance
One Africa
France Culture
France Télévisions
Revue Banque