We serve Public & Private Institutions

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    Financial Inclusion & Literacy

    We Support Public Authorities' Efforts to Promote Financial Inclusion & Financial Literacy
  • 02

    Project & Activities Management

    We manage Projects and Activities with an Impact on Socio-Economic Development
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    Strategy & Knowledege

    We help Business Develop their activities in Africa and Europe, through Strategy Advisory, Training and Opportunity Studies
  • We Promote Smart Solutions

    From Diagnostic to Recommandations, we Combine Knowledge of the Global Ecosystem and Trends and Local Context
  • We Promote Local Expertise

    We Have Identified the Best Experts in Africa and Europe
  • We Rely on a Global Ecosystem

    We Work with Top International Consulting Firms Willing to Have an Impact

Our Scope of Excellence

Analysis & Research

Diagnostic assessment, analysis and impact studies


Regulatory context, Competitive Landscape, Opportunities, Impact

Projects funded by multilateral and bilateral organizations.

Strategy & Advocacy

Providing support in expanding business in Africa, fitting to the local context and our client's values

Assistance with responses to calls for tender.

Making our clients visible on local markets

Training & Speaking

Helping institutions to better understand their evolving environment

International conferences, Media


Digital Financial Services, Payments, Digital Currencies

UBUNTU - We are because you are

We Are Local and Global

We are specialists of Africa with strong international experience
We promote local expertise AND rely on global partners when necessary
We know how to do and rely on international partners

KiraliT is based in France – KiraliT Africa is based in Cameroon


We are delighted to announce the birth of KiraliT Africa! Based in Cameroon, KiraliT Africa wants to strenghten our impact in Africa and the promotion of local stakeholders and expertise.
We have been selected as rapporter within the group of experts to build the Report on recommendations for the creation of a fund to support research and innovation in Togo with MSP/OEACP.
Estelle Brack has been interviewed for the podcast Women in Finance by Sopra Banking Software in October 2023
Episode 1 - Episode 2
Episode 3