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We Support Public Authorities's Efforts for Financial Inclusion

Design of National Strategies for Financial Inclusion & Education

Diagnostic & Impact Assessment Studies

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We provide support to elaborate the best expansion strategy for your business in Africa, according to the context of the country and your company's values

We provide assistance with responses to calls for tender

We make coporates visible on local markets


We provide diagnostic, analysis and impact studies & reports for all aspects of financial services

Regulatory context, Competitive Landscape, Opportunities, Impact

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We help institutions in the banking and financial space to better understand their evolving environment

Digital Financial Services, Digital Currencies, Payments

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We are specialists of Africa with strong international experience

We promote local expertise AND rely on global partners when necessary

– We know how to do and who to partner with for components we can not do ourselves – 

We are delighted to announce the birth of KiraliT Africa! Based in Cameroon, KiraliT Africa wants to strenghten our impact in Africa and the promotion of local stakeholders and expertise.
KiraliT Africa is an association of KiraliT, Achille MBOMA and Victor MAKANI.

Congratulations to Cergi and Yao Dodzi DOGBO for signing the market with the Central Bank of Sao Tomé and Principe for an Integrated Financial Platform (Core Banking System & Accounting System), funded by the World Bank.
A major step in the long run race where Victor Claude MAKANI and Achille MBOMA BWAKAND have been supporting Cergi SA for several years now.